Low Voltage Motor Control Center Fully Withdrawable

Our motor control centers (MCCs) and MCC Aftermarket solutions provide customers with a variety of safe, cost-effective and industry-leading options. Our Switchgears combines with many technology of intelligent communications and industry-leading arc flash prevention to group motor control, distribution equipment, industrial communications and associated control into one cohesive package. IEC 61850 compliance!!

Additionally, our switchgears custom aftermarket solutions are ideal for a wide variety of applications and extend the life of existing MCCs without the hassle, increased cost and extensive downtime of modifying existing units. All newly manufactured per IEC 60439 standards to ensure genuine, safe products, the replacement units plug directly into existing MCCs, offering an expected life cycle of 20+ years. 


Low Voltage Switchgears

Draw-out switchgears have been built and delivered by PT.SEP since 1997. We are making the distribution of power in low voltage networks even safe with our own developed, type-tested switchgear assemblied certified switchgear system PTSEP for both IEC 60439 and 61439.

Sine it’s launch in 1998, PT.SEP switchgears have taken low voltage systems to a new safety level through a withdrawable system that had only till then been reached by medium voltage networks. We very quickly set the standard in the manufacturing of MCC-systems. Since then, we have regularly enhanced the system with the help and advice of our customers. A globally unique ergonomic latch, the one-handed safety latch CONTINUOUS LATCH, closes the door “arc safe” without the use of tools.

Numerous innovations and constant further developments are our guarantee for a reliable and geared to the future switchgear system. We provide our customers with experienced engineering teams. That is how we guarantee an optimal design and the shortest possible delivery time.