the company

a family run business since 1975

we make sure that you gets what you deserved, made in INDONESIA

With our strong heritage in power technologies and strong partners, it is at best to say that anywhere there is electricity, PTSEP has likely been at work. Today, PTSEP is making smarter, greener switchgears possible for the world as a whole, and one of the key player in major energy infrastructure buildouts in Indonesia. We will continue to invest in this market and related technologies

Our Team

People from different area of expertise joins the likes of PT Semesta Eltrindo Pura so we can live to God's standard.

our history

"we runs electricity"


we started a distribution company, selling from light bulbs to cables. Our sister company, PT Andalan Bangun Bhuana Baru, the main distributor of ABB and PT Tiga Fasa, the main distributors of SIEMENS


We have our own manufacturing facilities at Kabupaten Gresik, total facilty is more than 5000m2


we are an ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001 certified company.


We joined forces with one of the strongest global player, ABB SACE, in obtaining the IEC 62271-200 medium voltage switchgears. 


PT Semesta Eltrindo Pura receives a project that involves 102 units of 12kV 3150A 40kA 1s (IEC 62271-200) and 400 units section of MCC LV Switchgears based on IEC 60439


Further coal fired power plants project were given to PT Semesta Eltrindo Pura. There are 7 power plant project given that year.


PT Semesta Eltrindo Pura receives around 20 infrastructure project from the strongest contractor in Indonesia. 


Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, PT Semesta Eltrindo Pura through its strict health protocol has achieved "Sertifikasi Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (SMK3)" from PT PLN (Persero) Pusat Sertifikasi.

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Our Legal Certification

Certification Name Registered Number/Information
ISO 9001:201501 100 065376
ISO 14001:201517-14001/E/3320
ISO 18001:201517-18001/O/3318

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